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Art+Text Budapest


The gallery's profile reflects its interest and commitment to artists of different generations and backgrounds. Since its foundation in 2014, the gallery has focused on discovering and representing artists of the new generation of Hungarian art. In recent years, the gallery has organized several solo exhibitions for Ákos Ezer, Adrián Kiss, Ádám Dallos and Dalma Makai Mira. While international group exhibitions featured artists from a new generation such as Hugo Canoilas, Christoph Meier, Simon Mullan, Avner Ben-Gal, Eti Jacobi, Tomer Rosenthal, Lior Shachar, Gil Marco Shani, Alexandra Zuckerman… etc. In addition to the young generation, during the period of great interest in the seventies, the gallery presents the imagery of such significant artists as the legendary figure of Hungarian conceptual art and the key figure of Hungarian avant-garde art, Miklós Erdély. However, the works of Tamás Konok and Katalin Hetey, representatives of the internationally renowned Parisian school, have also been presented several times. In addition, the gallery plays a key role in the rediscovery and restoration of neo-avant-garde photographic art. As part of this mission, Art + Text Budapest, in addition to a number of smaller art publications, also published Sándor Szilágyi's neo-avant-garde photographic volume in the Tavli Year. In the autumn of this year, with the help of the Kepes Institute, the exhibition was organized in the form of an exhibition entitled Formworkers: Neoavantgard and the New Wave in Hungarian Photography, 1965-2005.


Visual Collection

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