ART ADVISORY BUDAPEST - independent counselling on contemporary and classical works of art for individuals, companies and business projects. Our counselling service helps you save time and energy. We give you an outline of the art market and make you familiar with both the currently available pieces of art and the usual prices.

We have an auction database of more than 50,000 entries. Our counselling service,delivered in cooperation with other art trade experts, covers all fields of art trade. We cooperate with the most important auction houses and with the leading contemporary art galeries.

Many are frightened of the first-ever mysterious world of auctions and contemporary galleries, looking for clues to buy their first work of art or immerse themselves in the hustle and bustle of the art world. This process is neither simple nor short. Our service saves you time and energy by effectively outlining the market, prices and available artwork. We work with the largest auction houses and leading contemporary galleries. We maintain more than 50,000 auction data. We maintain a stable relationship with art market experts and assist with any additional art trade services with the involvement of art trade experts.


  • For beginner art buyers and collectors: we determine together the wishes and reference points from where to start and further develop your acquisitions

  • For collectors of classical pieces of art who would like to discover the world of contemporary art collecting

  • For art investors looking for new types of investment (e.g. who would like to know more about the historical data of particular artists)

  • For owners who look for professional help in the management and maintenance of their pieces of art

  • For individuals who would like to decorate their homes with works of art

  • For companies who would like to decorate their offices with contemporary artworks





economist-art historian with a descendant of art collectors, with 9 years of multinational banking experience and 10 years of experience in the art market. In 2011, she founded the leading art trade and art news portal, Műtá He is the director of Műtárgyak Éjszakája Festival, and he is the project manager of Műtárgybefekteté and Műtá

She is personally available to clients for advice. In case of special needs, additional areas of expertise (legal, financial, tax, art) are consulted with the involvement of relevant experts.



esthetician, art and sales manager at Műtá since 2016. Projectmanager at Műtárgyak Éjszakája Festival, art appraiser, art coordinator at ART ADVISORY BUDAPEST. She actively follows contemporary art in public life.



As the curator of Ludwig Museum, she organizes contemporary exhibitions. She regularly conducts guided tours, guided visits to the studio, and publishes on a variety of art topics. Previously, she worked in the art trade as an art and jewellery appraiser. She has experience in valuing artworks and monitors the current art market phenomena that she discusses in her lectures. She is currently engaged in execution of auction related tasks. Her comprehensive insight can help our clients with both contemporary and classic artworks. 



art market expert, formerly research director at Skate's Art Market Research, where she worked on market research, writing market analysis and measuring the performance of the art market. Glekov, a mathematician specializing in economic analysis of the art market, completed his MBA at the CEU Business School in Budapest.

Our partners are art historians and outstanding independent experts in the art market.

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