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Hungarian artist László Lukácsi creates breath taking iridescent artworks out of glass. He graduated at the Hungarian Academy of Applied Arts in 1985. Lukácsi’s structured training in applied arts, dedication to the traditions of the medium, and the influences of his predecessors are illuminated in each of the cold-worked laminated glass sculptures. The fluid, organic shapes and optical illusions reveal not only his vision but also the laborious techniques.

Lukácsi's expressions drawn from nature and science, combined with humanity’s industrial and technical revolutions ingeniously transform his meticulous efforts into objects of beauty.

Lukacsi’s work fits into the strong Central European tradition of abstract, laminated glass art which explores the optical qualities of the medium. His use of cold-working techniques and the layering of laminated glass sheets creates visual rhythms within the works that changes from the viewers point of view. Laszlo Lukácsi enhances this experience by treating the surface of the plate glass with reflective lustre or by including mirror glass to create transparency.





Corning Museum of Glass, Corning (US)

Lette Museum of Glass, Coesfeld (DE)

Imagine Glass Museum, Saint Petersburg (FL-US)

Flint Institute of Art, Flint (MI-US)

Barbara Achilles Foundation, Hamburg (DE)

Hungar-Ikon Collection, Budapest (HU)

Museum of Contemporary Glass, Coburg (DE)

Victoria & Albert Museum of London, London (UK)

Tutsek Foundation, München (DE)

Ernsting Stiftung Glass Museum, Herding (DE)

Bakony Museum, Veszprém (HU)

Museum of Applied Arts, Budapest (HU)

Glassmuseum of Frauenau, Frauenau (DE)

Michigan Life Insurance, Michigan (US)

Pepsi Challenge Cup (US)





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